I'm Rachel, your colour expert!

I first became intrigued with colour analysis when I found myself confused about my personal style and what looked good on me. I would find myself staring into the mirror whilst getting dressed, forever confused about why my outfits never looked 'right'.

I was determined to find a way to look my best whilst also reducing the amount of clothing I needed in my wardrobe.

I spent months obsessively studying colour analysis and eventually came up with my own method of analysis that helps to accurately predict your best colours. From there I developed my custom guides that offer the most personalised approach to online colour analysis that I have seen throughout my research.

Is colour analysis for me?

If you've found yourself...

  • Feeling lost when buying clothes and putting together outfits
  • Wanting to feel more comfortable in your own skin
  • Looking to create a smaller or more capsule wardrobe to reduce your consumption, save money and the environment

Then let's talk. I'd love to help! ✨