Welcome to your home of colour analysis.

Looking to find the colours that make you glow? I'm here to analyse your features and unveil your colour season through my unique online analysis technique.

Knowing the colours that light you up gives you the power to dress and shop with confidence. Let's get started!

What is colour analysis?

A method in which a persons features are analysed to determine which colours are most in harmony with them, based on colour theory.

Meet Rachel.

Hi, I'm Rachel! Your colour analysis expert. I'm here to analyse your features and help you to find clothing, hair and makeup colours that will help you to put your best foot forward!

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"As a teacher, I get lots of unsolicited comments from 7 year olds about what looks good on me, and even they are noticing the difference! Having a screenshot of my palette makes it so much easier when I’m clothes shopping to choose the colours that will look the best on me. I really recommend!"


Rachel's knowledge and insight into colour analysis has truly helped me to better develop my personal style, to the point where I completely changed my hair colour! Her info she sent to me was so easy to understand and it has helped me to make better decisions with what tones suit me best. Thank you Rachel, I couldn't recommend it enough!


Rachel’s colour analysis service was a game changer for me! She expertly identified my bright winter season and provided me personalized invaluable advice on coloursand styles that suit me best. I’m feeling more confident than ever and love trying some of the brighter colours and cool shades that I haven’t in the past. This is a service that everyone could highly benefit from and I could not recommend Rach more, best in the biz!


After getting my colour analysis, I finally had some time to go shopping and I can’t
tell you how much easier it was to pick items based on my colour palette, especially for someone who gets decision fatigue going into a clothing store. I even freshened up my hair colour and makeup to suit my palette and I already
feel so much more ‘me’. Thank you so much for all of the helpful tips and tricks you provide, it makes all the difference!


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