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Online Colour, Hair & Makeup Analysis

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Unlock the secret to your perfect colour palette with our online colour analysis. Discover which of the 12 colour seasons suits you best and enhances your natural beauty effortlessly.

What you will receive:
  • Facial feature analysis and description of your season
  • Four of your 'wow' colours that stood out during the analysis
  • A palette containing up to 100 of your best colours
  • A palette of your best metals
  • Hair colour suggestions and colours to avoid
  • Makeup shade suggestions
  • Makeup product suggestions
  • Colours to avoid
  • Colour combination do's and dont's
  • Tips and tricks to make the most of your colour analysis

1. Place your order.

2. You will receive a link to an online form via email within 10 minutes of purchase.

3. Complete the form by uploading the required images of yourself that will be used for your personalised colour analysis and answer some simple questions.

4. Once you have submitted the form your results will be completed and emailed to you within the time frame specified upon purchase.


I will strive to return your results as quickly as possible; however, the current wait time is approximately 5 weeks from when you submit your form. Results are sent Monday through Friday. Thorough analysis requires time, and wait times are subject to current demand. Please note that the wait time starts from the day you submit your form, not from the purchase date.

For results within 7 days, consider our Express Premium Colour Analysis package (limited to 4 spots per week).


You will be asked to send in the following:

  • A makeup free selfie that is well lit and unedidted. Detailed instructions will be outlayed in the online form.
  • A photo from your childhood, teen or younger years that shows your natural hair colour.
  • 3 photos from the last 10 years that clearly show your features.

If you don't have access to all of these photos please let us know in your form.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are available only before receiving the service, with any incurred fees deducted from the refund amount. No refunds are possible after the service is received.

If you have any issues with your order or have changed your mind, please reach out to us via email -

    Online Colour, Hair & Makeup Analysis
    Limited spots available
    Limited spots available
    Limited spots available

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